Storyboard announces over 5,000 companies have launched private podcast channels

With remote work quickly becoming the new norm, it’s no secret that company leaders are searching for new ways for their teams to collaborate.

However, desk-bound workers are not the only ones who have seen increased changes — companies that operate on the go and have teams in the field have also shifted their focus to align with the evolving workforce.

As organizations of all natures navigate this new terrain, their familiarities continue to shift and adapt to the new ways of work. Additionally, teams are tasked with figuring out the best ways to work together across time zones, personal schedules, work priorities… the list goes on. 


‘Async’ is the new ‘Sync’

Gone are the days of long, live video calls and back-to-back endless meetings. Employees are now placing value on asynchronous communication — work that is done on their own time, when they need it.

At Storyboard, our mission is to help teams embrace a groundbreaking form of async communication, known as private podcasting. We value audio as a primary source of internal communication to preserve the voice and authenticity of the creator, without the visual fatigue, background distractions, or wavering connection of a video call.

The best part? Audio communication allows team members to listen to premium content, such as important company updates or training sessions, anywhere and at any time.

Whether they’re cooking dinner or walking around their neighborhood, internal listeners can access their company podcast and tune in when it fits into their schedule.


Storyboard is revolutionizing async communication with audio

Storyboard allows companies around the world to easily create content and drive their team’s communication in the simplest form: on-demand audio.

We are excited to announce that as of 2021, over 5,000 organizations have launched their own private audio channels on Storyboard!

Companies are turning to Storyboard to unlock the creativity of their team members and stay connected in a remote-first workplace. We make it easier than ever for anyone on your team to record, edit, and launch their very own internal and on-demand branded podcasts.

Along with iOS, Android, and our web app, Storyboard is also available on Apple CarPlay, allowing your team to save time and get important company updates on the go.


How companies are using private podcasting

It’s time to ditch the hours of flipping through tedious documentation and digging through emails.

The conversational nature of podcasts and audio helps companies embrace the authenticity of the human voice while introducing an innovative form of asynchronous communication.

With Storyboard, creators can build their own groups of listeners, such as designated employees, different departments, etc. These selected listeners can access the creator’s private audio channels after logging in from Storyboard’s website and mobile apps.

Our platform takes the guesswork out of audio communication with simple, easy-to-use hosting and recording capabilities. Teams can quickly replace conference calls, share resources, host virtual town halls, build company culture, and stay connected — all on one platform.

We do the hard work, so all your team members need is a phone and a spark of creativity.


Get started with private podcasting on Storyboard

Storyboard is a cutting-edge, best-in-class audio platform that will help your company transform traditional ways of internal communication.

From small businesses to enterprises, we offer three tiers of plans to meet the needs of every organization. Our free tier is available for up to 50 users and requires no credit card — all your team members need to do is sign up and start recording!

For an advanced experience, our team offers a free demo to walk you through the Storyboard platform and showcase our advanced tools, including deep listener analytics, different podcast Groups, Single Sign-On, and more.

Join thousands of companies around the world as they revolutionize the use of internal audio communication with private podcasting.

Visit our website to get started today.