What is private podcasting? Your complete guide to audio in the workplace

Podcasting has become increasingly popular in the last few years. In fact, Spotify estimates its platform hosts over 3 million shows and counting.

While many podcasts target a broad audience or topic, there’s also the niche world of private podcasting that is primarily designed for organizations and enterprise teams.

Private podcasting has more comprehensive use cases beyond covering the latest topics in the news or recapping a popular show. It’s a powerful tool for connecting your employees and team members across the organization, no matter how or where they work.


What is private podcasting?

Simply put, private podcasts aren’t public. They can’t be found using a traditional audio app like Apple, Google, or Pocket Casts. They’re not publicly searchable and won’t be found on streaming apps’ top ten downloaded podcasts.

Private podcasts contain secure audio files that typically live in a password-protected RSS feed, and only people with the proper credentials can access them. They are tools for internal communications, training and onboarding, company culture, and other workplace initiatives.

Similar to traditional audio, private podcast material only needs to be recorded once and can be listened to at an employee’s convenience, as well as revisited in the future.

Building an audio library also gives organizations a centralized home for content that can be used for months and years to come.


Who is private podcasting for?

Want to host an audio training or company podcast that only your employees can access? Private podcasting may be the right fit.

While we often think of podcasts as a public tool for entertainment or education, they can also be great tools for internal communication. Many corporations and organizations use private podcasting as a tool to share information, updates, and training in a simple and easy-to-consume format.

Private podcasting can be an excellent substitute for other traditional modes of communication, such as in-person meetings or long emails.

Here are just a few ways you can use private podcasting:

  • Onboarding or training materials that traditionally exist in video or document format
  • Corporate training, or continuing education and safety classes
  • Regular communications including all-hands updates, company updates, departmental updates, etc.
  • Maintaining connections across widely distributed teams

Whether your team is remote, deskless, or distributed, private podcasting and audio communication can greatly benefit your organization.


How can private podcasting benefit my company?

Private podcasting may sound intimidating or challenging, but for the right teams, the benefits are clear:

Connect anytime. Employees can listen to podcasts on the go, away from their desks, and on their own time, allowing them to engage where and when they want.

Listen anywhere. In an increasingly remote and disbursed work culture, it’s hard to have everyone meet at the same time or place. Large all-hands calls may happen during inconvenient times for some, leaving a lack of overall engagement. With private podcasting, people can listen anywhere, instead of being tethered to a desk.

Support the deskless workforce. For companies where a bulk of employees don’t work behind a desk, email can be a challenge. Listening to a podcast can be a simple solution for those unable to check email often.

Encourage communication. Private podcasting makes communication simpler, whether a training session or an update. Its casual format can encourage communication, strengthening your team overall.


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Private podcasting can be a powerful tool to bolster company-wide communication. As an alternative to in-person meetings or emails, podcasting allows listeners to listen to and engage on their own time, wherever they want.

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